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Help with #4 pick (ppr 1RB league)


Hey footclan members, I’m killing myself over this pick. In a 1 RB PPR league do you go with ZEKE (assuming 1 or less suspension) or do you take Julio/OBJ. WR go fast in this league. Thanks all, Cheers!


It is looking like Zeke will get around 4 games. I’d go OBJ.


OBJ. Great schedule. Dallas lost guys on the line and Julio has a new OC which shouldn’t hurt him much but it’s a bit of a change from what he’s used to.


Its a 1 RB league, so there will be good RB options still available later in the draft.

  • 1 RB league minimizes value of RB
  • PPR boosts value of WR
  • elliott could be suspended

-> there is no way you should take Elliott in your particular situation. you shouldn’t even consider it. I would take Julio ahead of OBJ, especially in a PPR, but taking OBJ is definitely not a mistake. so if you like OBJ more than Julio, take OBJ, if not, take Julio, its up to you :slight_smile:


I would take Zek as him plus McFadden will still equal the RB 1-4 area and I don’t think there are many RB that can do that. With that said you are splitting hairs here. I would be happy with any of the players listed and be happy. obviously if for some reason Brown drops to 4 that’s the easiest pick for you


i think you’re right in general, but this is a 1 RB league, so its likely to get a good RB later in the draft. its the same thing with 1QB league, Rodgers is much better than for example Stafford. and you can still get him in the 3rd round but most experts prefer to take a RB or WR ahead of Rodgers in the 3rd round, because Stafford isn’t bad either and you can get him in the later rounds.
The value of a RB becomes much smaller if you go 1 RB. so there are much less RBs who start in that league every week, in means much less RBs are needed. And the lower value of RB means value has to be somewhere else, in this case WRs become much more valuable.
In this situation here, i would never take elliott over Julio/OBJ, not even if i knew elliott doesn’t get suspended.


Have to agree that 1RB league minimizes the value of RB over WR. I think I’d go the stud WR over Zeke in that particular scenario.


Thanks for the input. I agree that WR is more valuable than RB in this setting. Since Julio is my boy, I’m leaning that way and just wait for a Gurley in the 2nd or Miller in the 3rd. Happy drafting footclan!!


i kinda go both ways with this. Having a player like zeke makes it so you dont have to reallly look for another rb for the rest of the draft. you draft 2 more later in rounds to fill in for his bye/suspension and just load up on wrs the rest of the way.

But i also see going heavy on wrs early(getting a star like obj) and just finding a rb later to fill in as you go. Especially if it is ppr.