Help with a Barkley Trade

Got offerd Barkley for Cooper, DJ and Mostert. I think i might be giving up to much but would love some feedback

Team is:
RB: CMAC, Mixon, Johnson, Mostert, Robinson, Akers
WR: Juju, Cooper, OBJ, Brown, Boyd, Edelman, Campbell

Giants won’t play the steelers every week. Mostert situation could change at any time because Kyle Shanahan. Any trade that involves me removing Amari Cooper from my roster is one I’m inclined to make lol. I would smash this trade, maybe try to squeeze a WR2 out of them as well

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He threw in Mike Williams do you think its worth it?

Do it for sure. No regrets, just confidently take this trade

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Smash it my man

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