Help with a big trade!

Someone offered me:

Devanta freeman, dj Moore, Tyler Lockett


Todd gurley and Keenan Allen.

My roster is:

RBs- gurley Bell conner
Wrs- Evans Keenan and Hilton

As an allen owner, accept

Allen has been a complete disappointment. And gurley May start a decline after this week

Need a couple more votes in either direction. Trade is sitting there pending and I’m debating to hit accept or reject. Sorry for the bump

I would accept it.
Freeman may be a downgrade from Gurley, but you’ll want to start Bell and Conner most weeks anyways.
Allen has been poo of late, for no real apparent reason. Lockett on the other hand has been consistent and he’ll be in plenty more shootouts this year.
Moore is also an excellent consistent WR2/3/Flex, his depth will be appreciated, especially on byes/matchups

Do it your getting way more consistent players