Help with a dynasty trade offer

I have barkley and was offered AB, C Kirk, A Miller, and Berida 16 team standard. I have D freeman, D williams, L millar and Gio Bernard. For my wrs I have E sanders, fuller, edelman, D thomas (droppable) ted gin (droppable) and zay jones. Should I make this trade and who should I drop

im not sure id trade barkley for ab. There is way more depth at wr than Rb and you have a top 5 rb. While you need a stud wr, not at the cost of ruining your rb core. You dont know how freeman will be next year off of an injury, miller is not anyone you can count on, and while i like williams for the future, he is no barkley.

Do you consider yourself a contender? Or are you rebuilding?

I personally subscribe to value based trading in the off season. Meaning take the value no matter what!
If the value you receive is greater that that which you are giving away, than accept and make trades later to fill your roster positions with the profit. You don’t have to set a lineup for 9 months.

I’m looking like a early front runner but that’s just what I think based on my and the other teams lineups. I definitely think I can make a run for the ship

Would you take it based on my current rb and wr depth situation?

I wouldn’t take the trade personally. AB’s situation is too messed up right now, and by all accounts, this is a deep rookie class for receivers. If it were me, I’d be trying to trade some of my dead weight for 2nd round picks and take as many shots on the incoming WR’s as possible.

I think this an easy decline for me. If your trading Barkley I’m expecting a top 3-5 RB plus something. Or say Chubb and a Top dynasty WR. You really want to trade, post in league chat and watch the owners trip over themselves.