Help with a flex

I have k. Hunt in my flex now.

Options are Mattison or Dede. Not alot as I have 2 TE (Higbee and Gesicki) on my bench attempt to block my opponent who had everett and olson).

Pascal and Bilal P are on waivers as of now but I reluctant to start Powell as I’m starting both robby a and Crowder. ( Bad luck at WR this year JUJU and Thielen)

If you are starting Robby Anderson and Crowder I would definitely stay away from Powell. Too many eggs in the NYJ basket plus he might split time with TyMont. What’s the scoring format?

Whoops sorry. PPR

I’d start Pascal personally because I think he has a pretty high ceiling this week. Hunt is a solid flex too, I’m just a little worried about game script. Most of his production comes from receiving and they may not need him as much there vs. Cincy

Yeah I’d probably swamp Robby with pascal and keep Hunt in the flex. Robby is do or die and Zach Pascal should hopefully have a high floor since everyone who can run fast in Indy is injured.