Help with a Keeper Please

I am in a 12 team half point PPR draft. I can select two keepers, but not of the same position.

One is obvious - Kamara in the 7th round, can’t go wrong there.

Tyreek Hill - 4th Round
Patrick Mahomes - 12th Round

i could also keep Ertz in the 2nd round or Hopkins in the first, but I don’t know where I am picking so I could get those guys anyways. Down to those two Chiefs. Please help! Mahomes great value, but Hill good too, usually a top 15 guy in the 4th round. He will go even higher too because so many good players are kept already.

Man touch decision here but I’d go Hill just because you can more easily replace a QB then a Talent that hill brings at WR. The value is obvious going with Mcholmes

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Mahomes easy to me. The difference maker in fantasy and only in the 12th…which is where I’m looking to get my QB anyways. Damn.

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