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Help with a Trade Decision


What do you guys think about a Trade for Sony Michel, Sammy Watkins, and a 3rd round pick and I give OBJ , Lamar Miller and a 4th rounder. I currently have Adams, Diggs, Sanders, Baldwin, and Ridley but not much RB depth.


IMO you are only giving up Odell in this trade… Miller is washed and about to lose his job when Foreman comes back… Youre also pretty stacked at WR so it makes sense you wanna cash in on 1 of them … I like michel but im not sure how I feel about him long term when NE has all 30 of their RBs back next season lol…

Up front I like it but I dont understand Dynasty as well as others …

I do however feel like Odell is worth more than Michel…


I think you can receive better than sammy watkins.


He does have Mixon and Mike Evan’s. I was thinking about trying to get him to switch one or the other.