Help with a trade (Hunt/OBJ)

Hey Footclan.

A guy in my league needs help at RB and I need an upgrade at WR. We have the same record.

I have RB: Hunt, Gordon, Mixon, Ekeler & Sproles (IR)
On WR: Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Cooper Kupp, Calvin Ridley, Keke Coutee, Sammy Watkins

He wants to sell OBJ, Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette or Golden Tate.

Would it be fair to do a trade for:

Kareem Hunt to receive: OBJ + Either Fournette or Cook. (Leaning Fournette.)

As I’ll have to drop someone anyhow I may toss in Coutee or Watkins.

I love OBJ’s schedule going forward so I think he can get-right still. But Hunt has some juicy matchups too


Value wise, I think OBJ to Hunt in 1 to 1 is pretty fair but I’m an OBJ truther so I value him more than the general public. Having said that, I’ve also been a Hunt truther from the get go and given how Hunt has absolutely exploded in the past couple of weeks, I think doesn’t hurt to try and for 2 for 1 but if you’re actually going after Fournette or Cook, given they are both first 2 round picks, I think you have to at least give back a lesser piece in the trade. I know from a logical perspective, draft capital doesn’t matter but it’s hard for people to let go of draft capital in the 1st and 2nd rounds even this far in. Also, we know that when healthy, they can both be studs.

I think you could afford to give back a Ridley in the deal. I think he’s still incredibly over valued. And if you really love Ridley still for some reason, giving up Coutee or Watkins are also viable.

I really am trying to keep this as balanced as possible. He is quite willing to do a 2 for 1 as he has been struggling. I put up the most points nearly every week in the league and just have amassed losses on those rough-luck runs (other player having 2 or 3 guys go for 30 while most of mine go for 15-20.)

I will weigh in on Hunt + any WR3 on my lineup (Ridley, Watkins, Coutee) for OBJ + Fournette I think. Been good news on the Fournette front hopefully he can just stay on the field.

Yeah I know how you feel. I’m currently 4-2 in one of my main leagues of record but I have either been the #1 scoring or the #2 scoring team every single week. And in the weeks I was #2 scoring, I lost because I faced the top scoring team.

As long as your team is scoring well, I don’t worry as much about the records. Too much variation in that. But if you make playoffs as a high scoring team, that is what’s most encouraging.

I like the fact that they are just resting Fournette fully and not even having him on the field. That way when he returns, he will have a much better shot of remaining healthy.

Also why I’d like him in this offer… OBJ still scares me especially with the outbursts and Eli throwing the ball. But if I get Fournette in the deal I still have a possible plug in the next week or two and ROS.

Plus offloading one of my WR2/3 area for an OBJ makes setting my lineup easier.
Gordon+Mixon+Edelman+OBJ are all basically weekly starters and I can just stress about my flex.

Getting a bit of flak from others in the league but mostly because I denied other trades to make this one happen.

Went with Hunt + Ridley for OBJ + Fournette.

Feeling pretty dang great about it myself. Lost some big production but looking to possibly double down as long as OBJ doesn’t leave any more games early and Eli can get a ball through the air to him.

I think that’s fine. Gordon + Mixon leading the way for you anyways. I have them both higher than Hunt right now. And then you’ll have a strong rotation of WRs with OBJ, probably sanders as your second (i have him well above Edelman for what it’s worth), and Kupp when healthy (have him above edelman as well), and edelman.

Strong squad. Ekeler is a good RB depth piece but I would try and acquire one more. Perhaps give up Edelman or Keke+Watkins or something along those lines and grab someone like Aaron Jones before he breaks out.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Doing a bit of shopping today.
Thinking of finding someone who’s a versatile back but a sneaky under valued pick up at the moment who will start producing soon.

Jones may be worth a look, thanks a lot!

HIGHLY doubt after a good week he will accept this but I just offered Edelman for Ingram.
He’s also the Kamara owner though so waiting to see if he counters or just denies.

Thanks for all your help.