Help with a trade offer

Hockenson and robby Anderson for josh gordon?

Am i giving too much? My original trade was both those guys for woods and he countered with both hockenson and anderson for lockett. Im not a huge lockett fan and was gonna see about Gordon.

Just felt like i might be trading too much for him but i woul rather have Gordon then lockett. Just my personal preference

I think it’s too much.

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In our league hockenson just landed A.J. Green straight up, so I agree your giving up way too much for Gordon

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Lol. Thanks for the help. I was thinking about doing a Boyd/Hockenson for woods. Does that sound pretty even

I really just need to do a 2 for one trade so i can make room to pick up a kicker. Lol. Probably won’t get a trade done so who would you drop

QB Dak, Goff

RB Barkley, mixon, Carson, breida, miles sanders, Murray

WR Evans, Boyd, Westbrook, Anderson, Marvin Jones, Gallup

TE Waller, hockenson

Def texans

Thinking about cutting Jones

That’s who I would cut, I cut him in my league for Hollywood brown

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