Help with depth at RB

I have Aaron Jones, Kerryon, Penny, Mopportunity, Miles Sanders, Duke Johnson, and Justin Jackson. Should I keep Duke or get Ajayi now that he signed with the Texans? Also, hold Jackson or get Tony Pollard or AP? 6 person bench, half PPR

I’m not seeing anywhere that Ajayi signed with the Texans at this time (9:56 pm, ET, August 25).

You’re stacked at RB.

Your team ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.

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I would personally ditch Jackson for Pollard. Jackson is not going to break into your starting lineup with the other backs you have while he is, at best, splitting time 50-50 with Ekeler. Pollard has a chance to be the guy if Zeke continues to hold out and, if Zeke reaches a deal, you are clear that you can go a different direction and drop Pollard.

Ajayi hasn’t signed yet, not sure he will. I picked him up just in case but dropped my kicker, knowing I can just pick him back up if Ajayi doesn’t sign. I would not drop Duke for just the possibility of Ajayi signing just because the move makes sense for the Texans.

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Thank you!