Help with double keeper

Curious as to who you think I should keep in my 12-team, 0.5 PPR, double flex, double keeper (one round 1-5, one 6-10) league?‬

‪Kelce (2nd), Chubb (10th)‬
‪JuJu (5th), Chubb (10th)‬
‪Kelce (2nd), JuJu (9th)‬

‪Draft order TBD.‬


I would go Kelce and juju. I am a big fan of chubb and think he will be great, but I feel that hunt can take away from his workload the 2nd half of the season

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My vote is for Juju/Chubb.

I wouldn’t worry to much about Hunt. He won’t be back until at the earliest week 10, so you will get almost 3/4 of the fantasy season with him as one of your stud RBs. Plus you could always try and trade him come week 5 or 6, he will have plenty of value.

My only worry about Chubb is that he has the potential to lose snaps at the worst possible time of the year…playoffs. I got 3rd place last year because Melvin Gordon was out during that time…it crippled me. Hunt will have played enough by then and had time to show that he can help produce, while keeping both RBs more rested than they would be if they were the only guy there. Kelce is on point as a second, and Juju is great for a 9th. Depending on what is available in the first round, you may be able to get a better RB or a RB in a better situation.

I vote Kelce, Juju

Note: if Chubb does ball out, you could theoretically trade him before Hunt shows up and fill a spot with a talented player to fill a possible injury. I’m all about mitigation, especially if you are a contender.

I would keep Chubb and JuJu. Yes, Chubb could lose some touches late in the year, but you are drafting an RB 1 in the 10th round- great value! With your early round picks (1-4) still open, you can easily still draft a different RB1 to help with the end of the year issues Chubb might have.

As for Kelce, I think you could still find a quality TE later. I just think a round 2 TE is too costly even if it is Kelce. If you want, grab Ertz or Kittle in round 3, or wait for OJ Howard or Engram in round 6, or even go for Hunter Henry, Vance McDonald, or Jack Doyle later.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Kittle is most likely being kept, as well as a few top RBs (zeke, saquon, gurley), so Kelce will most likely go in the first.

I really enjoyed not having to stream TE’s last year, so I would love to get Kelce on my team.

I think JuJu is a lock, still trying to decide between Kelce and Chubb.