Help with finishing touches to my juggernaut team

I’m in a 12 team full PPR league and have a trade pending where I get Zeke in return for Mike Evans. After many weeks of being active on the waiver wire & trades; below is what my default starting lineup will look like moving forward:
QB: TB12
RB1: James Conner/Le’Veon Bell
RB2: Ezekiel Elliott
WR1: Adam Thielen
WR2: Julio Jones
WR3: Juju Smith-Schuster
TE: OJ Howard
Flex: Phillip Lindsay
DST: stream(holding onto NE for week 16)

Bench: Marlon Mack, Ito Smith, Geronimo Allison, Carlos Hyde, Keke Coutee, Courtland Sutton, Kenjon Barner & Quincy Enunwa(IR).

The owner of Alshon Jeffery and OBJ is loaded at WR and has a 2-5 record but extremely thin at RB especially after Sony Michel injury and will be in a must win scenario in week 9 when Jeffery and OBJ are on bye. What kind of package can I put together and offer him for either WR without getting into my starting 3 WRs.
Thank you footclan

are you playing with 5 year olds? how in a 12 team full ppr did you get thielan, julio, juju lev bell and mike evans? i would 100% make that trade to have zeke and bell as your rb tandem

is zeke already coming to your team?

I drafted extremely well, I had Sanders at one point as my 8th round pick. Made a lot of high leverage trades with teams who had losing records.

2day review period, I get him Monday. After Evans gets me points this week.

you can try and leverage lindsey straight up, or with bell coming back you could try and trade juju, with alshon you have a little advantage where he sat early so his stats are skewed a little when it comes to totals. you could try and trade conner early to see if they just go back to bell 100% or time share that backfield. after this week marlon mack is going to have a very different game script in my opinion, so you could try and trade mack. i mean you really dont even need to make a move but youve done well so far ide just keep using that leverage.

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I’m on the same line of thinking with Mack, if he booms again this week I would like to include him as part of a package for either player ik OBJ is a reach. But like you said, Jeffery’s stat totals are deflated due to him sitting early in the season, and can use it to my advantage.

I Just realized Andrew Luck & TY Hilton William are also be on bye next week. He also has Baldwin on the bench(meaning he has 5 more than capable WRs and we can only start a max of 4 if we use one in the flex).

If Mack blows up again on Sunday and Allison proves to be the number 2 option in GB I believe he is. His RB corps consist of: Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel(injured), Isaiah Crowell & Derrick Henry. Would the following package be enticing enough for OBJ for a do or die week?

An initial offer:
Marlon Mack as the real ROS trade chip
Geronimo Allison as a way to buy a win

Follow up:
Add TB12 or Jameis Winston to really buy a win that week(a lot of teams roster 2 QBs in this league, I picked up Winston for a scenario just like this)

I would first ditch prob Sutton to add MVS If you can since you have Allison. They are both 7-10 target candidates weekly whomever starts between the two. Even together on the field. Then I’d pick up any RB who might start ROS sometimes or even all of it, like Mostert or Bibbs if AP goes down and CT remains an injury concern. Next week after some good games hopefully, you could prob send Mack + Mostert (or Barner even better if a good week
and Michel still doubtful which is likely. Since that team is losing out on him right now). Or Hyde. I mean anyone on your bench I guess Bc of your starting RB’s
Being awesome already haha.

Mack + Hyde + Allison or maybe just two of them could get you Jeffery and slight chance of ODB. maybe Lindsey + Mack + Allison is ODB.

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@MikeMeUpp do you think I should even attempt to flip Marlon Mack+ for another top 15 type of WR for my flex, or am I better served with the depth at RB.

I’m slightly anxious with my league’s trade deadline not too far away: Nov 10, so I’ll need to make a decision to maximize my starting lineup for Playoffs and/or retain depth as an insurance policy.

I think i’d just leave it be. You have 3 great WRs. And flex between Lindsay/Mack on a weekly basis is more than fine.

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Thank you, it’s just so tempting to keep wheeling and dealing.