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Help with Flex


Looks like Beckham has an “uphill” battle ahead of him for Sunday. Currently have Ginn in my Flex, should I swap him out for Shepard? .5 PPR


No. Ginn is gonna have a surprising year. Shepard is good but with marshell and Evan there at TE, his target share will go down. I think he’ll have a good football year but a subpar fantasy year. Ted Ginn is the number 2 on an offense that throws, throws, throws. And he’s still quick up and down the field and can catch those bombs that Cools caught last year. He has the better upside.


Thanks, it’s what I was leaning towards, but a buddy has been telling me to keep on eye on Beckham and consider Shepard if he goes down.


He’s not wrong, but Shepard this year is more of a bye week plug in for flex. He wasn’t even drafted I don’t think in 4 of my leagues. As a giants fan, I love the guy, great player, but with the addition of Evan and marshell, too many mouths to feed. Whereas Ginn is gonna eat and eat.