Help with kamara trade

So the kamara owner is taking offers on kamara i was thinking offering tyreek j howard and lockett for kamara and hilton its full ppr my wrs are currently julio tyreek lockett cobb funchess and my rbs are howard t coleman breida yeldon lewis and r freeman any suggestions

I dont think I would do that personally. On your behalf tyreek is amazing as is howard. Wait a week or two and see If howard comes around. Kamara is really good as well but both had some down weeks I wouldn’t over pay for him at the moment myself. All come down to your gut though if you feel it do it or you will kick yourself I the nuts later.

I would take that trade. Prefer to kamara side by a decent amount.

Kamara > Howard by a mile and and a half.

And Hilton is someone I am buying low on right now given how good Luck looks. As good as Hill is, I’d rather have the floor/ceiling combo of Hilton/JJ + Kamara than JJ/Hill + Howard.

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