Help with Keeper/Draft Strategy (PPR)

I don’t have a clear cut keeper this year, and thanks to some new league rules my decision is even more muddy.

With the likes of Gurley, Hunt, Cook, Fournette, Kamara, all off the board as keepers the top tier RB’s are going to be at a premium.

I’m drafting 4th overall so I’ll be staring down AB, Barkley, Zeke Gordon ect.

My keeper choices are:

Kenyan Drake - 7th Round
Josh Gordon - 7th Round
Tyreek Hill - 5th Round
Aaron Rodgers - 7th Round

Whats the strategy here footclan?

my guess is with current trends, and not knowing your league mates, that AB, zeke, and barkley will go leaving you with gordon. that gives you your solid elite RB to start with. you get the best value with drake, but not the best player. so i go with tyreek hill. then in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds you can get your RB2, and a more reliable WR1 to pair with tyreek.

I’m assuming that Bell/DJ/Zeke/AB will go in the top 3, so I could easily scoop Barkley or whoever is left from that grouping.

oh i thought i read that those guys were being kept. must have gotten it mixed up with another post. yes, if one of them is available, im going with them instead. still preferring to go RB over AB.

Yea my thinking was to certainly go RB first, regardless of my keeper. I feel like whoever I keep is going to be a flex at best, unless its Aaron.