Help with keeper league

12 full ppr league get to keep one player and lose the pick in whatever round he was drafted

A Gibson (5th round)
S Diggs (7th round)

I’m picking 6th. What’s the better keep? Top backs are gone already.

Great value on both of them, but if the top backs are all being kept, I’d say you have to keep Gibson. WR overall is deeper and easier to replace.

As a top 3 WR, I’d keep Diggs. Since only one player can be kept, there will be lots of other RB2s to choose from to replace Gibson.

Yea but also only 2 picks before me since the other 3 kept their 1st rounders that’s what had me thinking diggs. But would Gibson be to early at 6?

Probly, but it’s hard to say without knowing who was kept.

As of right now….CMC, Kamara, Chubb, Cook, Zeek, and Henry are gone

I guess if you could get someone like A Jones or Ekeler for your first pick, I would keep Diggs. Losing a mid draft pick on someone going in the 2nd round right?? sorry If I’m a little off.