Help with keepers please

1/2 ppr I’m keeping Zeke and freeman, I need help with my 3rd keeper please. Josh Gordon, joe mixon, or jimmy graham? I also have the 4th pick in the draft. Thanks.

Do you think you’re likely to get at better RB than Mixon at 4 or a better WR than Gordon at 4? I’d keep to opposite guy depending on that it that makes sense? Having Mixon as your third RB though is pretty comfortable but Gordon has the upside for sure. I think for me it would just depend on who i was likely to get at 4 over those two ad value it like that

Chance for mcafferty or aj green. And could get graham on the way back, but I gotta keep one.

That’s tough, i think i’d take both over Gordon just because of the safer floor CMC and Green offer paired with either an equal or better upside than Gordon IMO. I think safe play is keep Mixon and hope for Green to fall to you you’d have four guys with super safe floors and plenty of upside to be top 10 or better at their positions. The gamble would be keep Gordon and hope for CMC, better set of three RBs and a huge upside WR but you would need some safer starter/depth options there is you stuck with Gordon.

I don’t think CMC would fall to you so i’d keep Mixon, and get Green and have the solid 4, get Jimmy on the way back would set you up well.

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thanks that’s good advice. I have mixon slotted as my keeper, but after hearing the my guys episode, had me second guessing a bit.

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I just double checked and saw I had thielen also. do you think hes a consideration? im just not sure about cousins this year?

Great minds, i know we’ve not seen a lot of Kirk but i’m not 100% sold right now. Also given how good their D is and Cook and Murry are great on the ground he’s not going to be throwing as much. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of people say keep him but i’d still go Mixon and at 4 he might get back to you anyway if Green and CMC went.

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