Help With Keepers!

12-Team, Full PPR. Keep 2 out of Michael Thomas (costs a 1st round pick), Zeke (costs a first round if I don’t keep Thomas, costs a 2nd round if I keep Thomas also), and Derrick Henry (costs a 14th round pick). I have the last overall pick meaning if I have a second round pick, it will be the first pick of the second round. Can keep players for a max of 3 years, kept Thomas and Zeke last year.

Keep Henry and Zeke

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You are definitely keeping Henry.

At this point it costs you the 1.12 for either Michael Thomas or Zeke. Neither will make it to your 2.01 pick. I would go for Zeke, but I think it is personal preference at that point.

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Good point. At first, Michael Thomas seemed like a no-brainer keeper. But after thinking about the WRs that should be there at 2.01, it is looking more and more appealing to keep both RBs. Thomas likely won’t repeat last season’s numbers even if he is the best WR again also.