Help with League Dispute

Hey guys,

So after Tyreek Hill took back a punt for a touchdown we realized our league didn’t count PR/KR touchdowns for points for the individual player ( Most of us are ESPN players where this is the norm so we did not check the rules very closely beforehand. The Hill owner argued they should count for points but his opponent has argued that the league has already started and you cannot change the rules.

TWIST: The commissioner of our league says that he is cool with letting it count for points

What should happen?

vote on it… i mean he scored the TD so i think it should count anyhoo but majority rules… Seems like the opponent would be arguing the same thing if HIS guy scored the TD in my opinion… But lets see what democracy decides on


While I agree with the owner saying it shouldnt count; it should be put to vote. I also think any other rule changes have to happen now. In our league we allow any rule changes a owner might have at our draft and it is voted on. After that there are no rule changes.


So here is my opinion…

Most of the time you DONT change rules after the draft as if the rule was one way maybe a team would of drafted some different players… But overall unless it’s a crazy change it prob doesn’t hurt the integrity of the draft.

If the rules clearly stated that special teams TD don’t count for the individual then you CANNOT change the rule this week… The scoring is how it is for week 1.

If your league wants to vote and change the rule for week 2 I am fine with that.

If the commish goes and changes it in the middle of week 1 I would be very upset with the league…

So wait until this week is done and then vote on it… Never ever change something during games.

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Just an added note here…in our League (ESPN), when an individual player is the PR/KR he is then considered to be part of the Special Teams for that play, which means that the TD would not go to him as the player. I completely feel your pain tho. The first year I played FFB, that happened with one of my players, and I was in a REAL SNIT when I never did see the points awarded to my player. So I texted my Commisioner about it, and he explained about the ST situation. I thought…“WELL HELL”. LOL. But, it is what it is I reckon.:unamused:

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