Help with Line up to get into the championship game. I'll give you advice as well

Ok so here is my lineup. Let me know if you would make any changes.

Standard scoring

QB - Rivers(@KC)
RB- Kamara(NYJ)
RB- Melvin Gordon(@KC )
WR-keenan (@KC)
WR-michael Thomas (NYJ)
Flex- Baldwin(LAR)
TE- Ertz (@NYG)

WR- Funchess(GB) , Josh Gordon(BAL), Kupp(@SEA)
RB- Ajayi(@LAR)
TE- Ebron

Only sub I’m thinking about is my FLEX. Played Josh Gordon there last week but I think he might have trouble with BAL.

Also thinking about Ajayi since they will prob run the ball alot more with Wentz out .

So would you sub anyone out?

Feel free to post your questions after you answer mine and I’ll try and help.

Thanks footclan…

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Your lineup is the one I would go with.

I honestly like you lineup you currently have and I’m a huge Ajayi and Philly believer. I just feel like you have your best guys out there, and even though Gordon is playing great I feel people are too optimistic this week against a usually very good Ravens secondary… Also if you wouldn’t mind helping me out I’m torn at QB after losing Wentz… I have both Bortles and Foles and can’t make up my mind lol standard scoring. And at WR2 I currently have Alshon Jeffery in but don’t know if o should stick with him, Mike Evans, or Davante Adams? What do you think? Oh and best of luck to you!

I’d stick with what you got


It’s def super close for me but
I think I would lean bortles and Adams now that Rodgers is back… I know jordys stock goes up with Rodgers but I think it helps Adams to.

If you do go alshon I think you go foles
And if you go foles I think you play alshon.

Goodluck to you sir

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Honestly I’m in the exact same boat lol and seriously thank you for your input, I always get a lot out of yours specifically. My head has been telling me Bortles but my heart has been telling me Foles. I most likely am going to ride it Philly strong and play Foles and Alshon and hope they do just enough with the rest of me team carrying the weight. Fortunately even with the Wentz injury I’m a 12.5 favorite this week against my opponent who has 4 players on the Vikings. Basically go Eagles and booo vikings lol

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I don’t follow julio and gordon but sounds solid.

I think your potential weak spot is Baldwin and
whether Funchess and Kupp are upgrades in terms of better games.

that would come with getting info