Help With my draft this Sunday

Whats up footclan! This Sunday is the draft for one of my leagues. It’s a 14 team standard with 2RB,2WR, 1 flex. I know I have the 8th pick and I am stuck at a point. I know that if 2 WRs go in the top 7 I will get left with a great RB, most likely either Kamara or Barkley. But, if it goes 6 RB and AB then I will have to choose between an RB like Melvin Gordon or Fournette and Hopkins. What do you guys think? I would lean RB at that spot.

I would lean RB as well, in a standard league your not going to get as much value with the bulk target share Hopkins or OBJ would get.

If it ends up between Melvin Gordon and Fournette I lean Gordon because of less injury risk and being more involved in the passing game, leading to an increase in opportunity compared to Fournette. If Barkley is available I would obviously go with him over both, but if it Kamara is still there I would still lean Gordon in a standard league.

In standard and between Gordon, Fourette, and Hopkins, and with only two absolutely needed WRs to start, I would also lean Gordon. Too many variables around Fournette for me with injury history, lower usage on third down (even if they say he’ll be more involved this year), and attitude. Barkely if you can get him though. I know this is pretty much exactly what @Grudens_Grinder_Acct said, but I thought I’d chime in as well four the double confidence.

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I also lean towards Fournette and Gordon. I have Fournette ahead of Gordon but only 1 spot. I would take both of those guys over Barkley. Fournette in standard Gordon for PPR. Honestly if you look at Fournettes passing game last year he caught more balls than people realize.