Help with my keeper

.5 Point PPR, 10 team league, 8th pick. 1 keeper

Keepers that I already know Gurley - 2, Hopkins - 3, Allen - 4, McKinnon - 12, Adams - 6.

My potential keepers Brown - 1, Cook - 4, Howard - 10 or Gordon - 12

I would keep Brown for a 1st.

So just to clarify.

Are these rounds??

Also your keepers… Is that dalvin cook? And Josh Gordon or is it Melvin Gordon?

How many RBs and WRs do you start? How many flex spots?

With that many keepers, you should just take the best players and worry less about value. Even if you get a pick round 1, you’re looking at 5-6 round value anyway. If it’s me, I keep brown and swap out McKinnon with cook.

Personally I’d keep Cook in the 4th but can see Howard in the 10th as fantastic value as well.

I wouldn’t keep a player in the first unless I was convinced they’re going to be the top player in all of fantasy ( ala Gurley or Zeke ). By keeping Cook I’m pairing a RB1 with another top 20 player with the 1.08 pick.

He was saying each team gets one keeper, and that list of players on top is who he knows is being kept by other teams. He is deciding between AB, Cook, Howard, and Gordon

If I had to pick one, I would go with Cook. AB is a stud, and it is tough to toss him back, but the value for Cook is great, I see him having a very good year this year, top 5 RB potential.


If I had to pick one of those potential keepers, Antonio Brown seems like a no brainer.

If you’re saying you can keep Jordan Howard for a 10th rounder, that’s pretty damn good value. with the 8th overall pick you’ve got a decent shot at Nuke or Beckham, and could almost certainly get Julio. Compare the disparity between them and Brown then compare Howard against someone with a 10th round ADP and I think you’ll find your answer. Cook for a 4th rounder is also pretty tempting, but again I think there still isn’t as much disparity between him and Ajayi or Drake as an essential free pick for Howard

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I thought about suggesting Howard, but the more I thought about it, keeping Cook essentially means he’ll have two first round picks. That’s the best value in my opinion.

I see Cook as a second rounder in a 10 team league. I agree it’s great value and it’s very close, but the tiebreaker for me is the injury. A torn ACL for a running back is scary, I know players have come back from it, but it’s enough of a factor that I’d rather use the 10th rounder for a high upside RB2 who could potentially finish as an RB1 if enough things go his way

I’d argue if you throw Cook back he goes in the first round in this format.

So let’s play this out (I’m going to just use RBs for simplicity) He keeps Cook, and takes a Fournette/Hunt in the first and Hyde/Cohen/Thompson in the 10th. That’s a great 1-2 punch and a maybe flex maybe handcuff situation. Now let’s say he keeps Howard, drafts Cook first, and takes Ajayi/Drake/Collins in the 4th (3rd pick of the round one or more will be there). That’s 3 every week starters in the top 20 at their position and some serious trade depth if you’re looking to fill a spot later on.

It’s a fair argument, I’m not entirely swayed as I think I’d still take Cook, but I’m not 100% anymore lol

I think it’s these kinds of debates that help prepare us for our leagues. I suppose it’s a good problem to have when you can’t decide which top 20 back to keep lol

oh I agree 100%. I’m not necessarily even trying to convince you, I’m just laying out my thinking in the off chance it benefits someone (and it gets my own thoughts in order too, half the time I completely change my mind halfway through one of these debates as I’m trying to make a case)

I’m about halfway to changing my mind on this scenario too; there’s so many infinite ways to go through a draft that talking it out is sometimes the only way to get out of ones own head. I consider myself a veteran (this year will be 17 fantasy seasons) and sometimes folks like me are the most stubborn when it comes to listening to other opinions.

Thanks everyone. I think I am going to go with Howard. I have to put it in tonight. The value is too good.

Tough? Wanted to put in, still struggling with it???

I watched their head to head mock draft on youtube after this conversation. They took Howard 13th overall and BEFORE Dalvin Cook. Not saying I 100% agree with that decision, but it goes along way to support that a 10th rounder for Howard is a fantastic value