Help with my keepers!

Ok our league is a PPR league with 1.5 PPR for TE. We get 5 keepers and they cost their draft pick plus one for every year you keep them. So far I am keeping…

Lamar Jackson - 6th rounder, Dalvin Cook - 12th rounder, and Chris Godwin - 10th rounder.

Which two should I keep from the following three?

Stefon Diggs - 9th rounder, Melvin Gordon - 9th rounder, or Tyler Higbee - 14th rounder

Right now I am leaning towards Diggs and Gordon but the extra PPR value for TEs in this league is making me consider keeping Higbee over either Diggs or Gordon. Thoughts? Any and all advice is much appreciated!

Ballers have Higbee ranked 9th right now which is not too shabby, and you’d only lose one of the last round picks for him. Think you could go Diggs and Higbee and then just draft some RB’s in the early round to pair with Cook. I’d assume anyone with Kelce/Andrews/Waller/Kittle is going to keep them so if you’d only get to draft a top 10 guy anyways might as well cut out the draft process and use the one you got

Thanks for the input! You are right, all the other top TE are being kept. Ertz is the best ranked TE available in the draft but I think he will be gone by the time I am on the clock. I think im gonna keep higbee over gordon and hope I can get a solid RB 2 with my first pick

Was that a typo with the 12.5 PPR for TE? Lol

lol yes it most definitely was. It is supposed to say 1.5 PPR for TE