Help with OBJ Zeke trade


I’m thinking about offering this trade and I’m wondering if it makes sense… 2RB, 3WR flex + superflex league (12 keepers, 4th year)

OBJ + Lindsay + Marriota for Zeke + Rosen

My current team is:

Love (thought i could put him in IR :/)
Mark Andrews

I think Diggs + Golladay + Godwin + Westbrook are good enough to compensate for the loss of OBJ

would you do it?

No, keep what you have. I am personally avoiding Zeke at all costs. No proof if he is in good enough shape to play this year AND stay healthy. Keep what you have. Too risky to make a move for Zeke.

Thanks, yeah I just automatically assumed Zeke to be in shape and ready to go back to his previous years numbers.

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No prob. You got a nice team, bro.

Thanks mate. Lucked out with Mahomes and Ertz and then Ive been holding onto Godwin, Diggs, Golladay, Westbrook since their rookie season. I’m hoping this is my year!

Cool! I’m in a similar league as yours. Just not super flex, and also mine has individual defensive players as well. I’ve got Patrick Mahomes, Alvin Kamara, James Conner, Davante Adams, Adam Thielen, Delanie Walker, and Chris Carson as my starters. Our rosters are 35 players and our first draft took like 2-3 hrs :joy::joy::joy: dynasty league. We keep 25. Drafted Mahomes and Conner in like rounds 15-17 or something. Didn’t even plan on them being my starters. Did a ton of trades and ended up with Carson. TE my weakness but I have Mark Andrews, Eric Ebron, and Geoff Swaim (going very under-the-radar imo having only Dede Westbrook to challenge him for targets and Nick Foles loved throwing to tight ends) so I have okay depth I think lol