Help with RB Dilemma

I have Nick Chubb is locked in as my RB1 this week. Trying to decide between Le’veon Bell, Chris Carson and Tevin Coleman for remaining two slots (RB2, Flex). I feel like if Bell plays against NYG, I need to start him. So then it is between Carson and Coleman. Coleman gets a bump with Jusczyk back and might have the higher ceiling, but Carson has been very consistent and is the main guy in Seattle. Looking for some thoughts.

1/2 PPR


I think Carson gives you the safer floor than Coleman. Coleman is at home and has his blockers back, which means he could have a big game, but Carson is a very safe play for 20 touches.

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@Stos17 Would you start Bell over both of them if he plays? Or would you consider benching Bell and playing both Carson and Coleman?

I would probably still play bell and Carson who are safer, and then cry when Coleman blows up on my bench. Lol

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Ha! That seems to he how it goes. He was on my bench for the 36 pt game, and in my lineup for the 4 pt game. I’ll probably wait till Monday and see what I need. If I’m way behind, might go Coleman for ceiling. If I’m ahead, go Carson for floor. Thanks for the help.

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