Help with RB selection on free agent list!

In my league we get a free add/drop for a player in same position if he goes on the IR. We charge for add/drops…anyways, here is a list for the pickings. I have Lindsay and Mixon in the lineup now and Coleman on the bench. Need your advice

Jamaal Williams
Eliija McGuire
Damien Williams
Kalen Ballage

Kerryon Johnson is who went on the IR

I’d do with Damien Williams as long as Ware is out. Otherwise, if Ware plays I’d go Jamaal Williams

Thanks for the fast response! The guy I am playing this week has a RB on the IR on his roster and he is not making a move. This was the hardest acquisition of the year so far…lol

I’m in the same boat. MY opponent for our SUPER BOWL has Connor. He hasn’t adjusted his roster yet, but…he has Samuels on his bench…so figuring he’ll make the adjustment before game time!!!

Just picked up Derrick Henry to replace Gus in my FLEX!!! Hoping like hell that saves me!!!

I made it to our League’s SUPER BOWL!!! Have won the past 9 weeks. BUT…here’s what I’m up against for the CHAMPIONSHIP:


HIS TEAM: (at least what he’s got as his starting roster at the moment)

Patrick Mahomes,
Dalvin Cook,
James Conner, (Samuels on his bench)
JuJu Smith-Schuster,
Julian Edelman,
Evan Engram (**just edited this. Had Njoku when I initially posted this)
T.Y. Hilton,
Greg Zuerlein,

PROJECTED: 123 PTS (just edited this total, since Connor is now projected for “0”. He still has him starting but I’m sure he’ll adjust that. Samuels is showing to be projected for “16”. :unamused:


Russell Wilson,
Todd Gurley II,
Nick Chubb,
Davante Adams,
Mike Evans,
Cameron Brate,
Derrick Henry (dropped Gus earlier)
Ka’imi Fairbairn,


A Jones (IR)
John Kelly
Russell Wilson,
Todd Gurley II,
Nick Chubb,

That’s what I posted yesterday.