Help with rbs!

Help Footclan, my RBS are: T.J. Yeldon, Alex Collins, Isiah Crowell and Derrick Henry. Someone dropped Kerryon Johnson but I don´t know who to drop: C. Wentz, C. Hogan, C. Davies or W. Fuller.

I already have D. Adams and M. Thomas as my WRS.

I think you can drop Yeldon, or W. Fuller if you think Kerryon is gonna really start to produce and replace one of your RB2s you already have. Yeldon is more productive when Fournetts out and has a good o line to run behind. Fuller hopes is that him and Watson will have that amazing chemistry and he will be loads of yards and TDs. I think Fuller will get some looks but nothing like last season. if you really want to shore up you RBs either of them is droppable.