Help with replacing Walker

Lost Walker. Was outbid on kittle and cook.
Remaining TEs of interest are;
Njoku, Clay, Brate, McDonald, Hooper, ASJ, James, J. Smith, RSJ, and Davis

Not sure if I should target one for rest of season or just try and now stream based on matchups.


Are the remaining TEs available on your waiver wire?

Yes, those are the guys available on the WW.

Best bet is to stream I think. Njoku is probably the guy I’d target this week.

Ya I like Njoku, but I already have Landry and Tyrod from the browns and it just feels wrong loading up on more browns.

Given that the Rams gave up so much against Cook, would RSJ be a viable option this week?

Njoku is the best season long bet. I like that he got 7 targets last week too.

Njoku is your guy… You wont be starting Tyrod all season + you should’ve bid heavy on kittle but I like Njoku this year especially when baker gets the job.

I think Njoku is the best available. Keep a eye on Mcdonald though he returned to practice this week

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