Help with roster decision

Current Roster:

L. Jackson - QB
C. Godwin - WR
J. Jones - WR
T. McLaurin - WR
N. Chubb - RB
C. Carson - RB
G. Olsen - TE
G. Kittle - TE (BYE)
M. Ryan - QB
D. Montgomery - RB
A. Green - WR
J. Tucker - K

LA Charger -Def
Minn - Def

I am going to drop one of the defenses (not sure which one) and pick up either E. Sanders - WR or
put claims in on M. Sanders - RB or J. Howard RB. Opinions?

Also, hang on to A.Green or pick up E.Sanders- WR? Preston Williams- WR? J. Jackson RB?

Hard to drop the Chargers this week vs. Minnesota, but I think in the long run Minnesota is a much better defense. You could try to ride it out until after Sunday and then drop the Chargers and try to get some guys off waivers next week.

me, id drop Matt ryan and one of the DST, look at the schedule for matchups.

id go for E Sanders and then either Howard or M Sanders.

Howard had 4 more touches and actually got thrown the ball last night, so i lean howard. but Sanders was on the field a lot and has had several explosive long plays past two weeks, which each of those weeks his snaps/touches picked up. and sproles has been non-existent past two to three weeks

You can’t drop Ryan, you have to at least trade him. He is a top 6 QB this year and was QB 2 last year. If you don’t want to carry 2 QB’s I get that, but you can’t drop him.

maybe not drop but id want more depth on the actual skill positions. two te’s, two def, two qbs is taking up so much roster space

Picked up Olsen because of Kittle’s bye week. Not sure about L.Jackson might put him out their as trade bait. It has been to small of an example for him. I agree two te’s and two def. is too much roster space. Olsen will be gone after this week probably put him on waiver claim for J. Howard or M. Sanders. Then put LAC def. on waivers late Sunday night. Should I claim Sanders or Howard?

Def understand having two te for the bye and another qb as well, but I just wa ls trying to add depth. Overall, I would prioritize adding an rb based on current roster, then drop a te for a wr next week if you need.

I’m def in the fence after last night, I was low on Howard based on current usage but that spiked last week. I feel like his use will stay near that volume, but packers run d is soft,so I don’t expect that production each week.

Sanders has been trending up each week but Howard is listed as the rb1 on the roster depth.

I appreciate the help. I agree with that strategy CBHORNY. Just trying to make a decision on Howard or Sanders as they I think would be the best option. Hyde, Sanders, Penny, Murray are the four top available RBs right now. Now throw Howard into the mix. Sanders might be the right choice.