Help with setting lineup

Full PPR: currently have
QB: Wilson vs SF
RB: Gurley
RB: Chubb vs DEN
WR: Cooper
WR: Boyd vs Oak
FLEX: Mixon vs Oak
TE: Kittle
DEF: Broncos
K: Fairbairn

Bench: D. Cook vs MIA, Michel, A. Jones vs Chi, Trubisky vs GB, Tre’Quan vs CAR, Reynolds vs PHI, Godwin vs BAL.

Team I’m against:
QB: Big Ben
RB Barkely
RB Lindsay
WR Julio
WR Tyreek
Flex Cohen
TE Ian Thomas
DEF Rams
K Butker

Do I leave my lineup as is? I’m thinking about playing Reynolds over Boyd against a weak PHI secondary. Wilson looked pretty bad yesterday so thinking of pivoting towards Josh Allen or Trubisky. Any thoughts, ideas or advise?

Anyone? Any insight would be appreciated.

Something I’d reconsider is the Broncos D. I also have them but this week I’m leaning more torwards my rams defense. I think the broncos have checked out. Otherwise. Lineup seems decent and gotta hope for the best

I have both Wilson and Truby, and against my better judgment went ahead and swapped out Truby for Wilson. TBH…it really wouldn’t have mattered as Truby ended up with only 6 PPR pts vs Wilson’s 8 PPR pts.

Granted, both had tough matchups, and a LOT of top QB’s didn’t
seem to be up to form. BUT, Truby just didn’t look like the Truby we’ve all come to know and love AT ALL!!! TBH…was kind of expecting it being his first game back from injury, which is why I didn’t start him.

Anyway…I think Wilson has a much better matchup this week. Which is why I’ve already slotted him in to start.

Concerning Reynolds over Boyd…I’ve got Reynolds as well. This is what ESPN is saying: Reynolds’ meager yardage total actually ranked second among all Rams players, illustrating the difficulty quarterback Jared Goff had with moving the chains against the stout Chicago defense. (which kinda makes me think that they saw what he can do against a tough DEF, which may bode well for him going forward)

This is what they’re saying about Boyd: Boyd is the centerpiece of the Bengals’ vertical passing game, as he ha garnered 70 percent of Cincinnati’s vertical pass completions over the past two weeks. There may be limited upside potential in this matchup, however, as Oakland hs allowed the ninth-fewest WR fantasy points per game since Week 10. As such, consider Boyd as a WR2/flex candidate for Week 15.

But they also say:

Week 15 presents a reasonable opportunity for Boyd to get into the end zone for the seventh time this season, facing a Raiders defense that’s allowed an NFL-high 31 passing touchdowns.

Hope some of that helped a little @huntin_TDs. :slightly_smiling_face:

And good Luck buddy!!!