Help with starters! Please!

Got a standard league and I’m having trouble figuring out my starters. The league is RBx2, WRx2, Flex. Here’s the list:

RB: Fournette, Lynch, Ingram, Duke Johnson

WR: TY Hilton, Crabtree, Larry Fitz, Golden Tate, Maclin

Any advice guys?! Really struggling

Fournette (madman)
Lynch ( back to his kinda game we expect from him)
Crabtree (favorite target and touchdown guy and off of IR now)
Tate(good matchup with NO subpar D)
Just My 2cents best of luck

Fournette and either Ingram or duke… Depending on matchup.

Hilton, crabtree

Flex duke/ingram which ever you don’t play