Help with Tannehill debacle

I’m that guy who drafted Tannehill and AJ Brown. We all know Brown is out and so is J Jones. Which QB would you start over Tannehill this week?

Sam Darnold vs Dallas
Baker Mayfield vs Minnesota
Taylor Heinicke vs Atlanta
Derek Carr vs Chargers
Teddy Bridgewater vs Ravens

I would have to drop AJ Dillon but don’t see using him this year…my luck Jones will get injured and I dropped the main backup RB

im in the same boat here. Rn i got tannehill in just cause the matchup is good but really debating streaming someone. Maybe baker cause the vikings games have been shootouts

Only QB I like is Heinicke vs Atlanta. Dunno, the Jets are so damn bad this season that Tannehill may throw the ball to Henry for a ton. I think I may just stick with Tannehill but I really don’t want to drop Dillon just for one week where if Tannehill does get me around 18 pts I will be happy…I guess

I chose Carr, he has been good and good against tough defenses. I know some of his points have been in the 2 overtimes, but even without he would have had solid weeks.

Jets are actually a horrible fantasy option for QBs so far. Jets are so bad QB’s only score 15-18 points then can back it in and hand off every down since Jets are 0 threat right now. That could of course change if Wilson improves/team adopts Saleh’s gameplan better.}

I ended up dropping Tannehill as Ty’Son Williams was just sitting on free agents. I’m confident if I want I’ll be able to pick him back up again in this league.