Help with TE choices

My main TE was Evan Engram, and I had been stashing Chris Herndon in the IR slot. Now Engram is out, so I have to decide whether to play Herndon (risky) or drop him for someone on waivers.

Here are the waiver options:
O. Howard
M. Gesicki
J. Doyle
J. Cook
J. Witten
R. Ellison
K. Rudolph
T. Eifert
B. McDonald
J. Hollister

It’s 1/2 PPR. Currently in 1st place (7-2) and favored in this week’s matchup. Want to win this week, but also don’t want to drop Herndon if he might be the best long term option.

What would you do? Thanks!

Bumping. Anyone have an opinion on these “great” choices?

Drop Herndon, Engram is a set and forget when he’s back. Now imo the only three choices here are the first three (Jared Cook was looking better but he’s still hurt so don’t grab him), and in my league where I have Ertz on bye this week I chose Howard over Gesicki and Doyle/Ebron because Gesicki has looked good but it’s still the lolphins so I can’t trust that. Doyle and Ebron share snaps and even with t.y. out their reps looked the same and the guy who got a serious bump was Pascal. OJ Howard tho is finally back from injury and according to Arians the reason he’s not getting lots of looks is because they throw where the defense isn’t, and so far he’s been doing a great job blocking but the defense has been covering him. Enter the Arizona cardinals week 10 with the worst TE defense in the league against one of the most promising young players coming off of break who’s looking to finally have a breakout performance this week. I hope starting him over ebron/doyle doesn’;t bite me in the ass, but I’m taking this leap of faith.

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