Help With Team Please

12 team, 0.5 PPR (6 team playoff), non-FAB, bonus points yardage scoring

Current record is 0-2. I lost week one by 5 points, and I lost week two even those I posted 180 points because I got paired with the juggernaut of the week.

This is a friends and family league that’s very frustrating because trades are almost never a possibility. The majority of managers constantly offer nothing but lopsided trades. Anything remotely fair is instantly rejected without any actual conversation. As such, the only realistic option is to play free agency.

Position Player
QB J. Allen, C. Newton
WR D. Moore, A. Green, M. Jones Jr., J. Reagor, N. Harry
RB J. Mixon, N. Chubb, K. Hunt, L. Fournette
TE Z. Ertz, J. Smith
K R. Gould
D Los Angeles Chargers


Position Player
WR G. Tate, M. Hardman, L. Shenault Jr., M. Pittman Jr.
RB T. Cohen, M. Brown, S. Michel, B. Scott, M. Breida

Nice team overall. You have balance and some depth as well. You had a bad break in week 2, this is a long season. AJ Green will frustrate as a WR2 but should progress as Burrow does. Hes getting targets. I’m interested in what happens to Moore with CMC going down. I am targeting Robby Anderson as the receiver in that corps. Hang onto your RBs. Injuries will continue to pile up. Only change I’d make is defense but I usually stream that position so take that advice with a grain of salt.

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I agree with crhempel your team doesn’t look bad and I don’t think I would drop anybody for the guys you’re considering on waivers. I usually stream defense too so that might be the only place I’d make a change this week.

I know trades are tough in your league but I guess I might see if I could get something for Ertz, just because I feel like he’s going to be a less stellar TE this year with Goedert around and getting so many targets. But the name might be able to get you something. Food for thought

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