Help with these 3 starting situations for week 3

Lynch or Bernard

Wilson or Matt Ryan

Demarius Thomas or Robby Anderson

These are the 3 hard decisions to make for week 3. Any advice would be appreciated!

Any little advice would be awesome

Bernard over Lynch. Bernard dominated last time Mixon was out.
Thomas over Anderson. Anderson honestly seems droppable at this point. I believe Thomas will bounce back.
No idea on Wilson/Ryan. Both seem like huge wildcards I need to see more of to get a read.

I agree with this post

Agree with everything Dan said, except for Wilson. I would go with Matt Ryan purely because Seattle’s OL looked horrendous against the Bears (and it wasnt only Khalil Mack bothering them either).

Matt Ryan I would say has the higher potential to perform against New Orleans shitty Defense. Wilson is going up against a Dallas Defense that already has the 2nd most sacks in the league with 9 so far.

Thanks guys! Love the perspectives!

Bernard, Wilson, DT.

Although the NO/Falcons games seems like it’s going to be a shootout, for whatever reason, it never is. Like both teams always turn the ball over a tonne and neither really put up that many points.

WIlson is at home, in seattle where he is significantly better. He is literally the only thing on offense so he’s going to have to carry that team to fade a 0-3 start.

Bernard without Mixon is just a great start based on volume alone.

And DT is just in line for more targets. Baltimore pass D ain’t want it used to me. WIthout Jimmy Smith, it’s actually pretty sub par cause their CBs are trash. Jets actually have a tough matchup. With anderson, you’re praying for long TD or bomb. Quincy is the only one I’d start there.