Help with Trade: Adams for Diggs/Saquon

10 team 1/2 PPR redraft league with 3wr/2rb/2flex

Trade away D Adams for S Diggs and Saquon Barkley?

Sitting 3rd with 5-3 record and pretty good chance of making playoffs although not too sure given the luck over the past few days.

WR: D Adams, AJ Brown, D Johnson, K Toney, A Robinson, C Ridley
RB: CMC, E Elliot, T Pollard, C Hubbard, K Hunt, D henry, M Sanders
TE: D Waller, D Goedert


Would probably stick with your current roster. You are very solid at WR as is and with CMC coming back soon, would probably hold onto what you got especially with your current record. Would recommend dropping A rob and potentially sanders for players that are going to be active/better this week. Could maybe entice someone with henry for the playoffs, for a solid piece you can play during the season. That being said, do think that the value is fine and you could make that trade and not feel bad about it given your injury luck.