Help with trade advice

12 team full PPR. My team was absolutely massacred by injuries (and leveon Bell).

i need help, trying to make some trades before the deadline. any suggestions.

Qb: Mahomes
Rb: Michel, Riddick, Adams
WR: Hilton, Tate, Miller, Reynolds, Amendola,
TE: Doyle, Gronk

Personally Iā€™d try maybe shopping Gronk for a RB I think you should be looking for another RB before anything. I feel for you with the injuries though, that was my life last year and nothing takes the wind out of your sails like watching your team just fall apart through injuries.

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at one point I had Lynch, Michel, McCoy, Lindsay, Bell

so i traded lindsay and marvin jones for tate because my wrs were lacking and i had the rb depth.

fast lynch goes down, michel goes down bell doesnt play and jones turns out better than tate