Help with trade please!

Looking for a second opinion on this.

I trade Todd Gurley and like a low-end receiver

I get Jordan Howard and Carson Wentz

I had DeShaun Watson before and lost him. Not too many options for streaming, but I can if I have to.

For reference: my other RBs are Fournette and Ivory, Rob Kelley, Kenyan Drake, Marlon Mack. WRs are Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree, Keenan Allen, Devante Parker and Corey Davis.

Thoughts? Which receiver could I potentially get rid of and feel okay.

Is there any other qb in the waiver I wouldn’t give up gurley

I agree with the above. I’d stream QB’s. Goff has a good matchup against Houston coming up. Howard always gets volume but never know what he will do with it. Gurley is almost a lock for a TD weekly.

Current available QBs on the waivers: (I have/had Brisset for this week and did well) Dalton, Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Bortles, and Fitzpatrick. That’s really about it…

Goff isn’t available sadly…

I know ppl are down on mariota but his playoff schedule isn’t all that bad he’s got San Fran. Arizona, and the rams

That’s tough there… Brisset has played well, but his schedule is brutal.

You have fournette plus gurley that’s scary and wentz might sit week 16

Mariota isn’t available, but yeah, having Fournette and Gurley is kinda nice! haha! But yeah there’s very limited options at QB on the waivers, but think it’s doable with those guys? Dalton, Brissett, Bortles, Cutler? Potentially Bradford/Bridgewater?

With the right matchups yea. Brissett has been solid past couple of games