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Help with 'unique' Keeper League


Inherited a keeper team last year, and could use some help/validation on decisions.

Format: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 SuperFlex, 1 TE, 3 IDP
.5 PPR, 6 pt QB TD’s, 12 teams

Anyone going into their third year or more is considered a 'Veteran.'
Anyone younger than that is considered a ‘Qualified Rookie’ (I’ll call them QRookies for clarity since QRookies include Sophmore and Rookie players).

Before the Superbowl each year, you can keep either 4 Veterans and 2 QRookies, or 3 Veterans and 4 QRookies.

We have a Rookie draft taking players non-snake. (Rookie, not QRookie)
Afterwords, we have a 7 round draft with the remaining player pool called the Veteran draft.

The league has come to rely heavily on keeping QB’s. Due to scoring format and limited starters, a solid QB1 beats keeping almost anything else. I’m going to suggest the league changes to 4pt QB TD’s and I think that would help. Any event, most perennial winning teams have (2) QB 1’s and a solid supporting cast. There is one team with DJ and Zeke who almost win this year with a (1) QB1 and (1) QB2, he should have won but the other team had Rodgers/Cousins and lost week 17 (another rule to change). I’m trying to illustrate how important they seem to be in the scoring format, I feel like I have to get (2) top QB’s to have a meaningful team year in and out.

My Current Kept Roster:
QB: Flacco, Goff
RB: Jordan Howard
WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Jordy Nelson and TY Hilton
IDP: Mark Barron

I feel like I can’t win with this roster. And by time I drafted new QB’s my good players will have aged out.
I have been studying Dynasty League strategies, and I think what I should do is stock up on quality young WR’s and draft another good QB (hoping Goff pays off).

The only QB’s I could trade for are maybe Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch. If Goff blows up, I could trade Goff + WR for an upgraded QB I think.

So my plan is currently, to not try to win this year but refuel. Not necessarily tank, but not try to win either.

  • Use the Rookie 1.03 to pickup Patrick Mahomes. This is over drafting him by a mile in this RB class, but I don’t want to trade back and lose him.
  • I should be able to get D’Onta Foreman or Chris Godwin with the 2.03, and either of those look like solid players to me.
  • Trade Jordy, TY Hilton and Jordan Howard for Amari Cooper and OBJ. I could throw my Veteran 1.03 and Mark Barron at this trade as well, but that’s the highest I would go.
  • If I don’t trade the 1.03, I would use it to get Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson. If I can’t get them or they lose favor. I’d trade back and refill my IDP’s as I don’t believe in Mark Barron.
  • Then the rest of my veteran draft is taking gambles on players who may turn out to be keepers. Guys like Moncrief, Diggs, ect.

If I can make the trade for OBJ/Cooper work my keeper list for 2018 should look like this…

QB: Mahomes, Goff
RB: Donta Foreman (or WW QRookie)
WR: Amari Cooper, OBJ and Deandre Hopkins
IDP: Landon Collins, Keanu Neal (or a QRookie at another position)

I feel if Goff/Mahomes becomes a 25-30ish TD guy by 2018, I have a contender. If they are 15-20 TD guys, I am maybe lucky enough to win some in playoffs. If one or more fails, I can draft a Rookie QB from the 2018 class and follow the pattern for another year.

So my questions…

Do you think I should commit to the rebuild as outlined above, or draft to win now and see what happens?
If I draft to win now, I can probably get Joe Mixon/Howard at RB and Flex. That feels really strong.

If I commit to the rebuild, what do you think of my plan? Feel free to poke holes in it.