Help with waiver adds this week.. PLZ

I lost Michel so I need a Flex for this week… These are my choices… Waiver is supermodel thin so theres not much

Half Point PPR
Kittle vs ARI
OJ Howard vs CIN
Tre’Quan Smith vs MIN
Sutton vs KC
Mostert vs ARI
Barner vs BUF
(Theres other names but these are the ones that stand out)

Im playing a top scoring team this week so I need some points… Right now Im personally leaning towards Kittle or Smith… Kittle seems consistent and Smith has high upside

any help is appreciated… Thanks Footclan you guys rock

I would go with Kittle since he is consistent

I mean if you play a strong team you have to go for the upside, the home run .

So Kittle or Smith sound like the thing to go with then lol

Kittle May be the floor but Sutton or Smith are the ceilings and it isn’t close. I’d be happy playing either in my flex spot this week. Gun to head? Smith over Sutton.

I would say so I think Smith has way more upside but kittle will get the volume and be safer if your reaching for points go with smith I think. I’m flexing him this week cuz of injuries and by weeks. I hope he goes off haha

Im going for like 12-17 points and ill be happy…

Definitely try and pick up Smith, with Ted Ginn gone, and Drew Brees as your QB, you would be having a great time.

Kittle is good too but I don’t think has the same ceiling that Smith has, and since you’re playing the top scorer, you need to roll the dice here and go for ceiling

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OJ Howard and George Kittle belong nowhere near a waiver wire,

Who is your TE? Unless you have Gronk/Kelce/Ertz, you should be picking one of those guys and swapping him in immediately, if not both.

Kittle to me has just as much upside as Smith and Sutton if not more. He is the #1 target on his team and averages over 16 yards per reception.

My LOR doesn’t play a TE position… We have 2 flex spots and 1 of them you can flex a TE… Thats why they are on waivers, people are really deep with WRs and RBs in my league… Only the top 3 you listed are played on a weekly basis

But your argument over Kittle having just as much upside is that way I see it too @MikeMeUpp… Thats why im leaning towards 1 of the 2 guys kittle or Smith

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I wound up snaggin Tre’ Quan Smith off waivers for those interested… Fingers crossed that it works out for me this week cause im gonna need it to lol

Thanks for all your help and input Footclan

Good choice. I’d hold onto him even it he fails you this week. You’re an injury away from either MT or Kamara from a top 20 or maybe even top 10 WR with that joker.

I added Smith and Sutton and every league! Hopefully these 2 pay off.

Yeah I really wanna add Sutton too but I already have Julio, Hopkins, Kupp and Golladay