Help with who start week 7!

I feel like most of my players have great matchups this week. But i have no idea who to start. 1 QB, 2RBs, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, full PPR

my team:
QB: Lamar Jackson
RBS: Lev Bell, Gurley, Chris Carson, David Montegomry, Singletary, Malcom Brown
WRs: Thielen, Robert Woods, DJax, John Brown, sutton
TE: herdon, Mark Andrews

Bell, Carson, Thielen, Woods, Andrews, John Brown (if active)

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I would play Gurley if he is healthy. Atlanta D stinks

gurley instead of who? john brown?

if healthy, yes. But I will admit I almost always lean RB for a flex position

Gurley or Brown is the one where I could lean either way

I second what @JPlum_3 was saying.

thanks for the advice guys, footclan is always the best

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