Help with WR/ Flex

PPR 14 team league,

This is my bye hell week.

Starting FItzgerald as WR and need to fill my other WR spot and Flex.
Currently I have Doctson and Goodwin.

Should I drop either them and pick up Humphries from the waiver?

If I’m able to pick up Morris from the wire should I replace one of them as my flex and if so, which? I’d lean towards dropping Goodwin.

Thanks for the help y’all

I like the upside of Goodwin more. 49ers are hungry for that win, and with Pierre Garcon going down someone really needs to step up.

Vikings D is just too stingy for me to trust the best WR on a struggling core. I’d also look and see if there are any high-upside TEs with plus matchups on the wire. you’re chasing TDs, especially in such a deep league.

the top 3 TEs are Njoku, fiedorowicz and derby, none of whom are dropping anyone else over.
that’s why i was wondering about using goodwin for my WR and morris as my flex if i can pick him up.

I do have mcfadden but not sure if he’s worth starting over docston. Or is he?