Help with Zeke trade offer

Had a bad auction draft draft (10 team standard). After Zeke I only have Montgomery, Cohen, Hunt, and Lindsay. Trade my Zeke/Lindsay for his CEH/Bell/Woods?

A couple questions to clarify, is this a full point PPR or 1/2? Who are your other WR’s?

Non-ppr…ARob Juju Fuller Boyd Edelman

So the trade would give you…

RB: CEH, Lev, Montgomery, Cohen, Hunt
WR: ARob, Woods, Juju, Fuller, Boyd, Edelman

I think I like that better than your current line up. More depth at both positions. Losing Lindsay doesn’t scare me one bit. It’s always tough to trade a big-time guy like Zeke but I think I’m making this trade! Good luck!

Thanks! We’ll see what happens!