Help your boy out! Dalton or Watson?

Unfortunately Cousins is on a bye and I made the mistake of getting Simien, who is also on a bye. Watson and Dalton are the only viable options on the wire this week. Not sure who to go with??

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Bump bump. So lost

I would go Watson, I think he capped out with his performance this last week but he’s just playing to well right now to not start him.

buffalo is tough… i have dalton and am thinking of picking up watson after alex smith had success last week

Watson with his matchup.

Watson. I’m starting Watson in 3 leagues.

Watson!! He has more rushing yards than the likes of Crowell and Ajayi! He’s a stud with an amazing floor!


Home Field advantage. good floor cause he scrambles.

Watson. It’s not close in my opinion.

Thanks guys! Unfortunately did not bid enough for Watson. Dalton it is this week!