HELPP my team is brutal

Hey guys. Welp there’s no easy way to say it but my team sucks. And I need some input on pick ups because I have number 1 waiver priority. Half ppr

QB- Watson
Rb-Mccaffrey, Gurley, sanders, r freeman, Singletary
Wr- a Robinson, Pettis, Goodwin, r Anderson, cooper, Hilton
Te- Engram
DST- Carolina


U lack at wr1, maybe pair up singletary + ty/cooper for an underperforming wr1 like mike evans

If your team is awful then my team is the worst ever made.

Did you lose week 1 with that team or something? If you started gurley, amari cooper and TY week 1 it’s hard for me to believe you lost week 1 cuz engrams had a good week too. You must’ve gotten really unlucky. Freeman and Singletary are solid flexes as well. That seems like a solid ass team to be honest. I’d say stay calm for now. Lotta fantasy football left to play this year. Could probably get away with trading for an underperforming WR1 for Hilton or something but that’s honestly the only top tier player you have that I’d be willing to trade.

Would also be cool with trying to sell as high as possible on Allen Robinson. That offense looks like its struggling this year. Still only week 2 tho and I’m just a random dude you dont know but I like that team quite a bit

Looks like a pretty good team to me, maybe strengthen your WR core. Whos available on your waiver wire?

I have McLaurin, Robinson, John brown, Hardman, John Ross, Deebo, Mostert, Agholor still out there on waivers so Lots of options. Any work the priority waiver wire pick?

I guess I was just really frustrated with this week. Anybody worth using priority waiver on this week?