HELPPP 1sr overall pick in keeper

3 keeper league

My keepers are mccaffrey, mixon and mclauren

I have 1st over all pick and I can’t decide who to take!
Ceedee, ekler or najee.!

Anyone out there! Give me your opinions on this. I’m leaning towards ekler… but ceedee has been looking incredible

Man, I am as big of a Lamb proponent as anyone, but the opportunity to keep two perennially top 5 RBs in CMC and Harris for the foreseeable future is just too good to pass up.

Besides, even if you struggle to find a WR1, you can probably trade Mixon for a pretty solid WR if he gets off to a good start–you know, before he gets hurt.

Heck, if you can trade Mixon for Lamb, then your keepers are CMC, Harris, and Lamb, and you still get to use McScorin this season.

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