Henderson + Ridley for Moore + Patterson

Half ppr league.

I’m currently 1-4. Was offered the above trade where I give Henderson and ridley.

Should I do it?

My team:
Rb: Henry, Henderson, Gaskin, Pollard, Bernard and Tyson
Wr: AJ Brown, Ridley, OBJ, Fuller, Elijah Moore and rondale Moore

I personally would not take that

Henderson > Patterson
Ridley > Moore

You would be giving the better player at both positions, IMO. No, I wouldn’t make that trade.

Also, Bernard and Ty’Son are both droppable, so you really only have Henry and Henderson with Gaskin and Pollard as bye week fillers and maybe a flex depending on your WRs.

I’d try to package Gaskin with Pollard or one of your WRs for Patterson, though. He seems to be the Falcons’ offense and you have to believe it at this point. He also has dual eligibility in Yahoo so could fill RB or WR slot weekly.

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@robinfields24 @bossbrady21 thanks for the advice to both of you. I’ll try to go after Patterson.