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Henderson trade advice

I have D Henderson, are those of you in the same boat selling high on the news, or holding? His college production was great, and he though his rookie year sample was small, he had some promising stats come out of it, like his yards after broken tackles. If you are selling, what are you looking for in return? If you’re holding, why do you think the risk is worth it? I’ve seen a lot of talk from analysts advising to sell in case they take another RB this year, but I personally see that as unlikely due to them trading up for him last year, and not having a top 50 pick in the draft this year. Thanks!

I also have Henderson (and Malcolm Brown) in my dynasty league. I’m currently holding onto him. It’s hard to see the Rams signing another rn with their salary cap issues. Yes, they could trade for someone, but they have other positions with bigger needs.

I like what I see in Henderson. Watched his college film and he also looked pretty good in his small samples of playing time.

Could try to sell him for a 1st just to see if anything happens :man_shrugging:t2:

And yes, they’d have a hard time drafting one to challenge him since they don’t have a top 50 pick.

Sell high man