Henry + Brees for Kyler + Drake

I have Kyler Murray and Kenyan drake - finding that my upside is capped because they are competing for redzone carries.

I got offered Henry & Brees. I think Henry is going to be a much better RB rest of season, but I am loving the difference maker that Kyler is.

Which side do you prefer?

4pt per Passing TD, 1/2 PPR.

My roster:
RBs: Jacobs, McKinnon, Akers, Brown, Gallman, Edmonds

No backup QB, but Joe Burrow, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trubisky are on waivers.

Watching Brees play the last couple of weeks, he has been struggling. He has not been the same Brees that we are used to seeing. Murray is on a whole new level to start the season. Me personally, I think you should stick with who you have or even try a counter trade giving away drake but keeping Murray.

Drake has 4 easy games coming up. Hold fast to your Cards package, they’re about to pay off.

Thank you both!!