Henry/CMC trade?

Full PPR. 3 player keeper

Obviously with cmc back next week people are trying to get him. What kind of trade would you be looking for from the Henry owner… if any? Was first offered Hopkins and CEH before he went down but to be Henry would need to be in the trade of loosing cmc. Just curious on y’all opinion.

My Team
RB: A.Jones, Damien Williams, Montgomery,CMC, Missle, Dillion
WR: Deebo, Woods, Golladay
TE: Knox

His Team
QB: Stafford, Fields
RB: Henry, CEH, Jacobs, Hubbard, Jamal Williams
WR: Hopkins,Sutton,Chase,Meyers,Cooks
TE: Higbee

maybe Henry and Sutton? Hard though because youd like to get a good WR in return but dont want to sacrifice too much at RB. and his drop off at RB is dramatic.

Yea he is now backing away from giving up henry but now offering Hopkins, chubba and a pick for Aaron Jones and Dillon. It gives me a good wr and cmc handcuff but I think I loose too much loosing Dillon. He is starting to get more work and if Jones goes down he will be a monster

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yeah I would rather keep Jones/Dillon. Maybe try Williams and Monty instead of Jones/Dillon?